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About trademarks

Disclaimer: While all the information in this Help section has been prepared by qualified attorneys, it does not constitute, and must not be understood to constitute, legal advice. You should always seek an attorney opinion.

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Trade mark applications and registration

Disclaimer: Whilst all the information in this help section has been prepared by qualified attorneys, it does not constitute, and must not be understood to constitute, legal advice. You should always seek an attorney opinion.

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How does our trademark registration process work?

1.       Start your application with our simple online trademark search tool. Type in your chosen mark and follow the on-screen instructions to select the ‘classes’ – industries – relating to your particular business. As an example: if your business was the supply of washing machine parts, you would select ‘Machinery Products’. Do not worry at this early stage if you are not 100% sure under which classes your trade mark should be registered, once your application is submitted to the law firm of JR, they will ensure your trademark is fully protected for all areas of your business.

2.       Submit your trademark search - our patent pending software will do a preliminary check of the latest feeds direct from the USPTO database to make sure there are no obvious problems, such as another business already owning that specific trademark for your chosen trademark class or classes.

3.       If your preliminary trademark search is successful, the trademark search tool will display a quote for the trademark application fee. To proceed with your trademark application, you’ll be asked to input your credit or debit card details. No payment will be taken at this stage – Trade Mark Direct will only charge your card once your trademark application has passed all our checks and been submitted for registration. 

4.       Once your application is received, the law firm of JR will make 23 separate legal checks alongside in-depth trademark searches to ensure:

a.       Your trademark application complies with the Lanham Trademark Act.

b.       Your trademark application won’t face insurmountable objections from other trademark owners on the grounds of confusing similarity.

5.       If your trademark application passes our checks and searches, then we let you know our findings before we submit your application for registration. Only when your application has been satisfactorily checked and submitted will Trade Mark Direct take payment from your credit or debit card.

6.       If your trademark does not pass our checks and searches, the law firm of JR will let you know exactly why the trademark application is likely to fail in its present form and give you advice on how you could amend your application in order to successfully register a trademark.

7.       We file your application with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

You will receive email confirmation of your application’s receipt from the registry and, once processed, confirmation that payment has been received. They will also send you a copy of your application form and subsequently a filing receipt.   The application will then be examined to determine whether the mark is acceptable.  This could take several months, but the law firm of JR will keep you updated on any developments on your application as they arise.  

If you wish to follow the progress of your application online at the USPTOP website by entering your application number, you may do so at  

All correspondence from the USPTO will be sent to you.

Trade Mark Direct’s free help line is available at 0800 970 9139 if you have any other queries at any stage of the application process. 

Scam warning!

A number of unsolicited letters have been sent to trade mark applicants and owners, inviting the recipient to sign and return a document along with a large fee for a specified service. 

These letters and invoices may appear on the surface to be from official sources, but the companies sending them are not linked to any government or community institution. Be aware - there is no obligation to pay any fee.

If you receive a letter or invoice relating to trade mark application or ownership, check carefully to see exactly what service you are being offered, whether you want it and if it comes from an official source. If you are in any doubt please email it to us and we will be happy to help.

Here are a couple of examples of such letters that our clients have forwarded to us. Click on the images to enlarge:

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