Unlike many online shops offering to register your trademark, we are a full-service operation and our independent, US-licensed attorneys will advise you personally and handle all phases of your trademark application, from the time you place your order to eventual registration. Our different trademark services are outlined below.

Trademark Clearance Searches & Opinions

Comprehensive searches and an attorney opinion allow our clients to make informed decisions before filing a trademark application. USPTO and filing fees are non-refundable so if the search shows that the application is risky, you can choose not to proceed. And then only our initial search and advice fees would be payable.

US Trademark Registration

We ensure your application meets the requirements of USPTO examiners so the chances of it being accepted are maximized. Full paralegal and attorney support is provided throughout the application process.

International Registrations

A US trademark registration is only good in the US and doesn’t protect you from imitations and knockoffs in any foreign country, including our neighbors Canada and Mexico.

We can however register your trademark in any foreign country or countries you choose, at very reasonable cost. We have over the years helped our clients protect their trademarks in 100+ countries.

Trademark Transfers and Title Changes

The USPTO requires that registrations be kept updated and any changes in ownership, name and address of the owner, etc. be recorded on the register. We take care of all these records for you as part of our trademark maintenance services.

Trademark Renewals and Proof of Use

Trademark registrations are valid for 10 years but may be renewed indefinitely for successive 10-year periods upon proof of continued use. We monitor renewal deadlines, and then handle the renewals and Declarations of Continued Use upon receipt of the required information from you.


Oppositions arise where a new trademark application is opposed by an existing trademark owner for being too similar to their trademark. Our specialist trademark attorneys will defend your application if required and oppose new applications in defense of your registered trademark rights.

Trademark Portfolio Management

When clients own several trademarks, keeping records updated takes time and effort. But without it you risk missing deadlines for renewals and other important office actions. We have developed our own software tools to give clients 24/7 online access to their records based on official registry data, for easy low-cost portfolio management and renewals. Prices vary according to portfolio size and countries covered. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Watching & Monitoring

Once your trademark is registered, we can set up watch services in any country to alert you to new applications for similar trademarks. These may infringe or dilute your trademark rights, and we will advise on opposing these applications. Monitoring services automatically look for trademark infringement or abuse online on e-commerce sites, in paid adverts etc.

Register your Trademark

Starting the registration process for your name, tagline, or logo trademark on TMISG is done in six easy steps.

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